Lithium carbonate market price fluctuations have an impact on the glass-ceramic industry

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With the rapid development of global new energy and clean energy, the market demand and price of lithium carbonate have been showing an upward trend, and the glass-ceramic industry has also begun to feel the impact. This article will analyze its impact on the glass-ceramic industry from the price trend of the lithium carbonate market and the supply chain link of the glass-ceramic industry.


1. Lithium carbonate market price trend

Lithium carbonate is an important raw material for products such as electric vehicles and batteries. Facing the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market in the future, the demand for lithium carbonate will continue to grow. According to Yano Research, an international market research company, the global demand for lithium carbonate reached 31,000 tons in 2018 and is expected to reach 79,000 tons by 2025. However, the current supply pressure in the lithium carbonate market is also relatively high, which has led to constant fluctuations in market prices.

In 2022, the price of lithium carbonate began to rise explosively, from about 30,000 RMB per ton to about 600,000 RMB, and once exceeded 100,000 RMB. Although lithium carbonate prices fell back in early this year, the overall market remains tense. In the future, the price trend of lithium carbonate will depend on the demand of domestic and foreign markets and the improvement of production capacity.

2. The supply chain link of the glass-ceramic industry

As a new functional material with good optical properties, glass-ceramic is widely used in smart phones, tablet computers, LCD TVs and other fields. At present, the production of glass-ceramics mainly depends on the supply of raw materials such as lithium carbonate. In the production process of glass-ceramics, the unit price of lithium carbonate occupies a large proportion. When the market price of lithium carbonate rises, it will directly affect the production cost of glass-ceramics. However, it is difficult for glass-ceramic companies to pass on costs by increasing the unit price, which will lead to a decline in the profit margin of glass-ceramic companies.

3. Impact

The price fluctuation of lithium carbonate will directly affect the cost and profit of the glass-ceramic industry. When the market price of lithium carbonate rises, the production cost of glass-ceramic enterprises will increase, and it will be difficult to pass on the price increase, so the profit margin will decline. At the same time, the uncertainty of lithium carbonate market price will also bring unstable business environment to glass-ceramic enterprises.

In short, the uncertainty of the lithium carbonate market price trend will have a certain impact on the glass-ceramic industry. In order to cope with market fluctuations, glass-ceramic enterprises need to rationally optimize their operation mode, improve production efficiency and cost control to carry out innovation and reform in order to maintain competitiveness and profitability. At the same time, enterprises need to pay close attention to the price trend of the lithium carbonate market, and make predictions and recommendations to cope with the challenges and opportunities of the future market.