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Black Glass-Ceramic
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Transparent Glass-Ceramic
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White Glass-Ceramic
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Shaped Glass-Ceramic
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Tempered Glass
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Borosilicate Glass
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Our Advantage
The high quality transparent ceramic glass of kanger produced has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion & very excellent thermal shock resistance, it can be processed into different shapes&sizes, the glass specially developed & suitable for the window of indoor heating product.


As a large-scale manufacturer focus on glass ceramic, Kanger glass-ceramic is committed to provide the global home appliances companies with the leading technology, high-quality glass ceramic products, fully meeting the needs for supporting groups.  We deliver a premium material ensuring top quality and outstanding customer service. We work hard everyday to provide the best solutions for cooking, fireplaces and all other relevant applications. We constantly innovate and collaborate with our clients to make of the boldest and most elegant designs a reality. By working together closely with our customers that we can achieve success and create masterpieces.

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    20+yearsof experience

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    20+ hectares plant area

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    38 million pieceannual output

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    50+exporting country

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    398million+ piecesCumulative sales(data as of 2021-December)