A decade of home appliance industry: glory in the reform

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From 2002 to 2012, the Chinese home appliance industry have went through a decade of hard struggle.In the ten years, the Chinese home appliance industry reformed in the exploration, and booming in the process of reform.
Ten years ago, the Chinese home appliances enterprise “reduced” to the processing plant of foreign home appliance giant enterprise without the core technology. Over the 10 years, the Chinese home appliance industry adjust its product structure and upgrade its technological innovation. After ten years, China’s industry make much efforts in technological innovation, industrial scale, brand concentration, industrial integration, marketing, sales and product added value system. The whole industry got leapfrog development, and the industry business brand developed from small to large, from weak to strong. There are a lot of giant enterprise with independent research and development innovation technology, such as Haier, Hisens, Gree, Changhong, Kkyworth.

Now 77% of the world’s home appliances produced in China, and the Chinese home appliance have get the share account for more than 50% of global output. China became the first producer of world home appliance industry. Products made in China products such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning and TV were in top sales of the world. Therefore the Chinese home appliance industry has become one of the strongest industry with strong international competitiveness.

In the next few years, the Chinese electrical appliances market will usher in a new round of fast consumption structure upgrading and product volume updating, which will effectively promote the growth of the domestic market consumption.Expert said, the future of home appliance industry should continue to strengthen innovation ability, and provide more cheerful life for people from the perspective of comfort, lifestyle, health and hygiene.First of all, the home appliance enterprise is planning to be a priority in the design and production, and of product designed in the principle of comfort and ergonomics. On September 1, formal implementation of “the general principles of the intelligent household appliances intelligent technology” will lead to the development of intelligent home appliances at some extent.Finally, with the advent of the era of low carbon, green energy conservation and environmental protection products should be widely spread, and energy-efficient appliances should also become the focus of the industry.