Glass futures traded on December 3

dot_view_dt 12-11-29 1:52:46

The last day, The securities and futures commission announced on the agreed to“Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Futures Contracts Traded Glass “, and agree Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange to trade glass by futures contracts.On the same day, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange announced that glass futures contracts traded since December 3, 2012.

of the glass industry chain showed willings to understand and accept the futures, and to evade the risks in the production and business operation by futures .

Analyst Hu from East Asia Futures said, that the glass is one of the most public familiar varieties on the market, and it has a large industry scale as well as price volatility. Futures can help the glass enterprise to avoid the risk. And it provides the buyer a convenient, by meeting the personalized needs of the buyer to the greatest extent.

Specifically, glass manufacturing enterprises can use futures to hedge the risk of prices, especially in the recent market prices. And the downstream enterprises also can use the futures to hedge the glass prices whether it falls or increases.