If the price of have a hot pot dinner will increas, by changing into induction cooker?

dot_view_dt 12-11-30 1:37:33

Business Newspaper Jinan News reports that goverment is going to ban the hot pot table using propane tanks. This news makes a lot of hotpot restaurant a mess – some are at a loss, and some are busy refitting. Many diners raised a questions: It costs money to modify, whether the cost will increase replacing gas to induction cooker? Whether eating dinner with hot pot will be more expensive?

Since the change has become the only way out, then it is really worried about that as some diners? Liu Dong, general manager of Ashanti Ltd., told reporters  that hot pot with induction cooker heating is a new trend, and nowagays a lot of new smoke-free hotel has been using this approach. “There is not much difference between the cost of gas and electricity”, Liu Dong said, “It is completely unnecessary to worry out that hot pot dinner will be more expensive .”