Kanger glassceramic has been named to the 2011-2012 pilot enterprises in appliance parts

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The first Chinese household electrical appliance industry summit as well as Guangdong electrical appliances chamber of commerce industry transformation and upgrading of peak BBS was held in Guangzhou television tower nowadays. In the summit, 2011-2012 annual brand electrical appliances industry awards ceremony was held in the same period.Wenzhou Kanger glassceramic co., LTD.  was named to “2011-2012 home appliance accessories leading enterprise”.

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At present, the development of the Chinese electrical appliances industry presents a overall downturn.The Chinese electrical appliances enterprise has an urgent need to solve the problem of transformation and upgrading of industrial innovation.Home appliance industry from 2011 to 2012 annual awards to recognize outstanding brand home appliances enterprises, and set up the excellent model to make good for the sustainable development of the Chinese electrical appliances industry figure and boosting industrial transformation and upgrading.