Ultra-thin induction cooker panel manufactured by Kanger leads to a new fashion

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Huge revolution is taking place in business domain of ultra-thin induction cooker in 2013. Nowadays thinness has became a fashion in all manufacture industry as a symbol of new technology, since people are prefer thinner one whether mobile phones, TV, or computer. So Kanger—the expert glassceramic manufacturer, has developed a new generation of ultra-thin induction cooker panel which is much more thinner but more energy efficient.

Kanger enterprise, is one of the largest comprehensive modern enterprise combined with research and development, production, sale and service in China. As a leading enterprise of glassceramic industry, it is also one of the largest and most professional global production base and export base.

Kanger is the only manufacturer has launched the world’s thinnest induction cooker panel which is matching with a new generation of ultra-thin induction cooker, and leads to a new fashion of ultra-thin from the digital products industry to home appliance industry. It has not only overturned the traditional appearance image of the induction cooker , but also intensified the function of humanized design of induction cooker panel.Experts said, that the ultra-thin induction cooker coming onto the market, will officially lead the induction cooker industry into the ultra-thin age, and will trigger a new round of revolution in induction cooker industry.

Sliding touch technology is another window of ultra-thin induction cooker. Applied the Apple’s touch concept to induction cooker, the sliding touch fire regulating mode is not only more simple in operating, but also more convenient in the frequent switch process of cooking fire, to make the cook easier.Ultra-thin induction cooker brings consumers a kind of new life which is more convenient, safer, and more fashionable.