Home appliance market is gradually farewell haze

dot_view_dt 12-11-21 1:52:30

“Negative”, “winter”, “low” and other home appliances industry exclusive words come with various doomsday predictions in 2012.From years of policy tightening, the housing downturn, overcapacity, costs and other situations that afflict the industry personage a lot, home appliances industry is gradually recovered now after experiencing a downturn in the first three quarters.

According to the measured data of Beijing YiKang era market research co., LTD., the domestic home appliance retail market total is 865 billion RMB in the first three quarters of this year, and has falled by 5%. The overall market is still in negative growth momentum. But the market began to increase since June, and the size of the market from 83.8 billion RMB in June to 103.2 billion RMB in September. This indicated that home appliances market in 2012 has went through the most difficult winter.

In addition, the home appliances market bounced back, thanks to the growth of the small home appliance market and black home appliance market . According to forecast date of Yikang , the small home appliance market make a better performance than the big home appliance market. Meanwhile in the small home appliance market, black home appliance market  make a better performance than the white one.In September, the main products increased a lot in the small home appliance market, of which the kitchen burning gas, lampblack machine, water heater, electric cooker increased by more than 10%; Color television market make a quite good performance, increased by 14.4%; White home appliance market is not desirable, of which refrigerator market only edged up by 0.8%.

He Jiqiong from YiKang views that, the first half of 2012 was nearly the worst period in a decade  of Chinese home appliance industry, but it will gradually improve in the future.